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This project is dedicated to the world of furry Amazons and Hunters, which every day fighting between each other for the passion, love and peace.

Settled our beautiful warrior in the vast area that is filled with lush tropical forests, desert plains with sparse thickets, mountains and hills, beautiful landscapes with beautiful lakes, rivers, waterfalls and hot springs, which are so fond of basking naked and tired furry girls.
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There are two tribes in our furry word. 

Amazon - proud warrior in golden clothes, expensive jewelry, imperious and passionate who despise men. They rejected the man power, and putting himself in command of a strong Queen. 

They are located in a stone castle in the depths of the rain-forest, near the picturesque waterfall, hot springs, and dangerous creatures.

Hunters  – wild and unruly, they chose a different path. Not wishing to live under the authority of the Queen, they settled in the vast plains in Savannah , with their husbands and sons, chose to live an ordinary tribe. Their home made of leather and wood, they hunt wild animals with spears, as well as - in the gold Amazons who steal and humiliate their men.

Warlike relations between the Amazons and the Huntress start when Amazon began to steal men from Hunters Pride. Girls of the wild tribe did not like it, and they take revenge. Stealing the youngest and most beautiful girls from Amazon golden tribe, hunters enjoyed them to avenge the queen. They violated their innocence and sent back, humiliated and offended. 

This is the main line of our world - the passion between women and warriors.

Hierarchy in the tribes.


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Like in any tribe, Amazons needs a courageous and intelligent leader, who would direct them to the right path. Among all the chaos, which was created in the beginning to create a tribe, stood one female who tidied tribe in their own hands. Ines – she proudly and imperious, but good, just and gentle with their novices and servants.

During clashes with the Hunters, Amazon captured or surrendered losers hunters girls. But the Queen has never put them on par with their novices, so prisoner hunters became slaves to servitude. They satisfy all the desires of his new queen. Recalcitrant chained and kept on a leash near the bed mistress, that at any moment they could respond to her call. All male and female slaves wear collars, with a loop for tying. Obedient and malleable slaves are not always kept on a leash, allowing them to walk through the castle, swim in the springs, and serve the goddess Athena. 

Women love all sorts of superstitions, and the Amazon is no exception. Warriors worship the goddess of War - Athena (of course her furry form). For service to the goddess there is a group of priestesses. Every day they offer sacrifices and gifts of divine blessing for hunters and warriors. Queen highlights among the priestesses one especially beloved and dear to her – Tringlar . And modest young cheetah will make any wish of her queen, but she fall in and vulnerable, and she expects a difficult test.

For Hunting and looting, as well as for the protection of slaves and priestesses,Amazon tribe has Warriors. They are dressed in steel, brass, bronze armor, they are beautiful and courageous, strong and passionate as well as any woman. (Note: Only queen Ines can wear gold armor,all another warrior wear bronze,steal and brass). Basically, warriors have fun with themselves and with the captured men,sometimes Ines give most distinguished warrior some of her slaves for joy and fun. Warriors like to play training fights for Queen Entertainment, like fight, shoot arrows at target, go hunting. Not every woman can become a tribe of female warriors, so each of them is ordeal and rigorous selection, and in the end queen decides - Some strong woman became a amazon warriors, and some poor will be a slave.

Amazona used for reproduction a captured men.If a girl is born - they leave it in pride, raising the young warrior, if a boy is born - send him to a wild tribes. 



There is harmony between men and women in Hunters Tribe. Pride has a leader - Aheny, and an alpha female - Tiva, who love and sketch 2 20140503 1265051980 protect his tribe from adversity and challenges. Many women do housework, raise cubs, preparing dinner. But those that remained militancy and rebellion, go hunting on a par with men, attacking vulnerable or debilitated Amazon stalk their innocent prey, enjoy it and send back to the stone castle queen Ines. As a message that they are - free birds and do what they came into our heads. And the fact that the Queen - not the only one who can steal toys and mock prisoners.

There is young and daring princess in pride, daughter of Aheny -Nanrimm.

Princess by blood - and rebellious by nature, canny, daring adventurer and heiress of the pack. She very interesting about the Amazons and she want to know more about them.

But once young savage met a priestess of Amazons - gentle and young Tringlar.  Nanrimm experienced hunter and always behave cautiously when spying or watching someone, but loving father gave daughter a protection - strong and powerful big female hyenas Varka. Girl became a faithful friend and companion on the hunt for Nanrimm.

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